Betsy tutored our son for the 7+

Despite being in the top set at school, our son was afraid of being out of his comfort zone. He enjoyed things he could do but was reluctant to do anything that stretched him. After working with Betsy for almost a year he was a much more confident learner and was willing to try difficult things without a battle. He also got a place at Dulwich College much to our delight. We would highly recommend Betsy Rowlands

I’d like to recommend a tutor, Betsy Rowlands. We came to her (through recommendations on this site) to get some help for our 9yo daughter who has always struggled with maths (Betsy also does literacy / English). For us it was about moving our daughter from being behind and feeling unhappy in class to feeling comfortable, relaxed and able to keep up with the rest of the class. Already after just over six months I would say she has achieved this. Our daughter is doing much better in lessons and in tests and her teacher has, unprompted, commented on her significant improvements.

Our daughter gets on very well with Betsy and is very fond of her. She was happy in the one-on-one sessions and, when Betsy felt the time was right, she matched her with another child and it felt like a very good fit. I think Betsy’s methods of getting the children to a point where they can explain the maths principles to one another, rather than just being able to ‘do’ the sum, work very well and are a major contribution to the success of the sessions.

Hello, wanted to recommend a fab primary school tutor to anyone who’s looking. Betsy has been teaching my son for an hour a week for 3 years. At the start, even though his teachers considered him to be intelligent and articulate, he was working below expected level for his age, and really struggled to understand quite basic maths. His writing was also poor. But now, all his mock SATS (not had actual results yet) show him to be working at above expected level/at greater depth and Betsy’s been instrumental in getting him there. She just really knew how to get through to him, and help everything make sense. She’s kind, fun and really encouraged him to achieve what he’s capable of. Apart from the improved grades, he’s also finally confident in his own abilities. I couldn’t recommend Betsy more highly. Her number is 07738 545030. Feel free to PM me if you want more details on this recommendation.

Me too, highly recommend- Betsy.
A year ago , Betsy coached my daughter with her writing. When she started she was behind. She is now performing at a standard that’s above expected for her age. Aside from that she enjoyed the sessions and they definitely gave her more confidence with her writing. I’d recommend her to other people looking for some support with their child’s writing.

Can’t thank you enough Betsy.

I’m recommending our lovely tutor, Betsy Rowlands, who has now tutored two of my children (age 6 and 7) in preparation for school entrance exams. With younger children, a busy household and work as well, I struggled to find time to work with them. Betsy took the pressure off me with weekly sessions to consolidate their learning from school and fill in gaps that the school hadn’t covered or had rushed through. Betsy was so sweet with the kids and made each session fun. She was extremely successful as not only did both children love their sessions with Betsy but they also developed a love of learning and got offers from all schools they applied to (7+ offers at JAPS and Alleyns, and 7+ and 6+ offers at top schools in Surrey).

“I highly recommend Betsy R as a tutor for maths and English.

It is really amazing to even see how the children’s teachers have noticed and commented to us the improvement in their confidence, thanks to the new strategies that Betsy has been using.”

“Hi – can vouch for Betsy as a tutor – really helped build confidence of our daughter in Maths, making it interesting and stimulating.”

“I second that! Betsy is also helping us with maths. Our boy (5) is in reception and we have seen a lot of improvement in his math skills. K”

“I would like to add my recommendations for Betsy who tutored our daughter for independent school 11+ entrance exams. She worked efficiently and patiently, identifying areas which needed to be improved, ensuring my daughter was fulfilling her potential and more importantly raising her confidence. She also made the lessons enjoyable which is not an easy task!”

“If any of you are looking for a tutor for their KS1 or 2 child, then I can’t recommend Betsy R enough. She has been tutoring my son on and off for about 3 years. She has made such a difference and really understands how children learn. She’s also done lots of intervention work in schools so really knows the curriculum inside out. On top of that she is a lovely, kind and considerate person. If you need someone for help in any stage of primary school and 11+ exams, then give her a call. She has a waiting list but worth giving her a call: 07738 545 030.”

“I know people sometimes post here looking for tutors and I wanted to put in a recommendation for Betsy who is a fabulous tutor. She has been helping my son and daughter once a week for some time and she is fantastic. She has recently decided to tutor full time rather than work in schools so has some availability – number is 07738 545 030. Feel free to PM me for a more detailed reference.”

My son had never before had any tutoring but I wanted to find someone who would be able to give me a clear idea on “where he was at” and what he would need to focus on in order to prepare for his 11+ exams.

I found Betsy Rowlands who proved to be everything I had hoped for. She was professional, highly experienced and was able to be both relatable to my son but equally detailed with me about what was needed.

My son is now about to start at Dulwich College and I truly believe Betsy’s advice went a long way to making him feel exam ready and confident.

Highly recommended.

Ms Betsy has been tutoring our daughter for over a year now to prepare her for her 7+ exams. She has helped our daughter not just with the exam preparations, but with her overall development and confidence too. Our daughter is achieving great results in her school, enjoys learning and likes to be challenged.

Hi all
Just wanted to recommend our tutor Betsy Rowland as I know I found it hard to get the right kind of help for our 6 year old.
Our son increasingly struggled at school through year 1; we had lots of worrying and unhelpful intervention from the SENCo and by the end of the year we were really apprehensive how he was going to cope with year 2. In addition we were very concerned with his self esteem and dislike of school in general, and decided to find help over the summer holidays – more than anything else, to boost his flagging confidence rather than his academic ability.
The transformation has been astounding; everyone has been commenting on his increased confidence, communication and vocabulary. Just a blossoming of personality really. He is actually keen to count and add things in every day life and almost shows off his ability to count in twos, fours etc. And above all his handwriting – which was the biggest red flag for the SENCo – has improved beyond recognition within a very short space of time. Im attaching a before and after from our 6th session.
I feel more in touch with how my son is learning stuff in school and am armed with techniques to help him. But above all we just have peace of mind that his innate intelligence can be tapped when the school was making us feel otherwise. Worth every penny. You can find out more on [www.dulwich-tutor.co.uk] and I am happy to be contacted through here to provide any other information.

I can definitely recommend Betsy too!
Our Year 5 daughter was not enjoying maths anymore and her decidedly average performance (particularly with times tables) was impacting on her self-confidence…
Enter Betsy!
Recommended to us, over the past few months she has turned the situation around, made maths fun again with her ability to run well-organised sessions in a relaxed atmosphere, whilst still challenging our daughter to progress, to the point where she now really enjoys maths and performs a lot better, which has given her a massive confidence boost!
Betsy also suggested our daughter could share her sessions with another student of similar ability, which has worked out really well as the 2 girls seem to get on well and spur each other on, proving positive for their improvement and financially interesting too, as our weekly sessions now work out cheaper! Thanks, Betsy! 😉

I would like to recommend our tutor Betsy Rowlands; who, in a short space of time, has imbued both my 6 year old son and myself with a more confident, holistic approach to learning. I liked her instantly because she genuinely cared about my child and my desire for him to reach his own potential (work in progress). Betsy went beyond the call of duty on several occasions, spending time talking to me and allaying my concerns in her own free time. Her methods are considered and effective and I saw my child’s demeanour change instantly when he sat with her; his handwriting and posture both improved. I truly believe he has become a more confident learner since he has been with her.

We have recently contacted Betsy who has been a brilliant tutor for our 9 year old daughter. Our daughter was losing confidence and feeling left behind (the times tables sent her into a panic) and Betsy has been fantastic in instilling confidence and using a fun, relaxed approach to the maths tutoring. She uses lots of different techniques and is very keen to find the right approach for the individual child. Our daughter has come on leaps and bounds and in a very short space of time. So much so that we have agreed to take a pause from the sessions and see how things progress. I really couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

“Hi, I wanted to recommend Betsy, who has tutored both my children for 7+ exams. We specifically wanted her to help with creative writing. She has a lovely way about her & she was able to engage with both the children really well & they enjoyed her sessions (one hour a week). Both children were successful in getting places at all the school they applied to! We have been very happy with her & couldn’t recommend her enough.”

I can highly recommend Betsy who coached our daughter for about a year and a half. Our daughter, who was in year 4 when she started lessons with Betsy, was very unconfident in her maths, and really struggled with some of the basics. Betsy was able to relate mathematical concepts in ways that my daughter could grasp, and her approach often included games. From being someone who struggled in maths and who was beginning to get a bit phobic towards the subject, my daughter is now in the top maths group and actually enjoys it. That’s a major success in my book!

I would like to recommend an outstanding Tutor to this forum. Betsy works in and around Dulwich and is a fantastic Tutor. My son Freddie started with Betsy feeling very anxious and unconfident with his Maths. After a number of enjoyable sessions with Betsy, Freddie is now in the top set for Maths and his most recent school report stated that he is exceeding expectations. I really was impressed with Betsy’s academic work, along with the confidence she installed in Freddie.

“I can certainly vouch for betsyr being an extremely likeable, personable and fun tutor. We’re not quite at SATs stage yet but welcoming her lessons to increase self confidence in the multitude of tests that primary school children face.”